Welcome to Rivenyart

Let me show my receipe fo happiness

Rivenyart it’s my way to collect the colors of the world around me and transform them.

      The joy of painting began at a young age with the passion instilled by my mother. While growing up my passion for beautiful, for creating lead me to craft my own style. I left myself driven and inspired by my spirit, rhythm, thoughts and feelings, scenery, my brushes and by vibrant colors and natural light from all across the seasons, by beautiful people, places and by avant-garde lifestyle.

 Painting is simply my second language with dialects that transforms into strokes of brush and challenges me in the creative pursuit of bringing to life my imagination, my feelings, my culture. The conjunction of magical colors, intangible feelings, shape, space, movement challenges me into something that points beyond itself, BALANCE .

Did you know that you are seeing with your brain and not your eyes?

       Looking at a painting can become so deep and magnificent that one could be traveling within a painting…through desire and perceptual experience . I am thrilled to see you, dear visitor taking the next trip and experience the surface and the depth of the painting that inspired you… What did it tell you?